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What is the format for our events?




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Our format has been refined over time to include the following:

  • open-minded individuals who are as intelligent as they are friendly
  • 1 thought-provoking topic provided in advance (View sample topics)
  • events are held in a charming restaurant
  • the venue is close to public transportation
  • 6 people at each table so everyone has a chance to speak
  • Food for Thought page provided in advance of the event (View sample Food for Thought page)
  • 1 discussion facilitator at each table with notes provided and members take turns being facilitators (View sample discussion notes)
  • the first 90 min are structured (facilitated) then people generally mix and mingle until they are ready to leave
  • a small fee is required to attend our events (View payment FAQs)

Creating a Safe Environment for Sharing Insights

Most people who attend our events have appreciated the safe and fun atmosphere for sharing insights.

To give you an idea of some of the preparation provided for our events, here are links to the facilitator notes and Food for Thought pages for our Self-confidence topic:

Discussion notes and facilitator FAQs

Food for Thought videos

There are many psychology book clubs and discussion groups which do not have a primary focus on making psychology practical. In contrast, one of the main intentions behind our events (aside from having fun) is to discuss how psychology can be used as a practical tool to help us gain a more enriched understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It's not so much about knowing which specific psychologist said what or which theory is right or wrong; it's about how we can integrate intriguing principals, and how we can pose thought-provoking questions to one another for the purpose of sharing insights in order bring more happiness and wisdom to our lives.   

No formal psychology experience or specialized knowledge is required to participate in any of our events (either as a facilitator or as a regular guest). All that is required is that you are open-minded and respectful of your fellow guests. Currently, most of our events are held in English but we are starting to branch out into other languages as well.


Unfortunately, as we all know there are often barriers to having good conversations and some of these may involve pet peeves.

Click here for a preliminary list of conversation pet peeves


Here are some thoughts on how to be more conscious with regards to the ingredients for fun and engaging conversations:

Click here for our conversation 'Intentions' page

Calopia Glen Brauer

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